Articles of Association of Centre for People's Participation, Transparency and Accountability

To function as centre of excellence in the field of good governance and to strengthen Local Self Governance, an organization is hereby created under the Centre for Development Action, in short CDA, Deen Dayal Upadhayay State Institute of Rural Development, Bakshi ka Talab, Lucknow as follows:

Name of the organization:

The name of the organization will be "Centre for People's Participation, Transparency and Accountability"

Legal Status:

The centre will be a subsidiary unit of the Centre for Development Action, DDU SIRD, Lucknow


Strategic focus in terms of current training and research programmes as well as developing an agenda for future capacity building with key focus on encouraging participation, ensuring transparency and making the stakeholders more and more accountable.


Empowerment of the people is the sole answer for the empowerment of democratic systems. The centre is committed to build a positive work ethos and to work towards research, capacity building and creating linkages between them with social commitment and responsiveness.


The Centre will act as focal point for:-

  • To serve with its expertise in multi dimensional capacity building: comprising of training, research, monitoring and evaluation to ensure good governance with special emphasis on people's participation in policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and fixing accountability through greater transparency.
  • To conduct trainings, awareness programmes, preparation and publication of relevant material.
  • To evolve and encourage participatory process through open forum programmes, seminars and other methods.
  • To organize capacity building and training programmes and conduct thematic research/ exercises for weaker section of the society with gender sensitive approach.
  • Functions:

    The centre will strive to work towards achieving its above stated objectives ensuring people's participation, transparency and accountability through :

    • Value-based professional trainings for implementation and procedures to work towards policies/ schemes and other programmes that promote accountability
    • Thematic Research/ Action Research and studies of socially relevant knowledge to bridge the existing critical gaps.
    • Intervention through research, monitoring and evaluation and to make the approach more participatory
    • Professional response to different issues resulting in smooth implementation and functioning of the programmes as and when required.
    • Develop and demonstrate process to ensure Good Governance, People's Participation, Accountability and Transparency.
    • Publication and dissemination of Studies, Research Papers, Training literature, Periodicals etc

    Potential Client Group::

    Govt. of India, State Governments, NGOs, CSOs, Educational Institutions, Research Institutions and other National, International Organizations, Agencies.


Centre being a subsidiary unit of CDA, DDU SIRD U.P, will function under administrative supervision and control of CDA. The management committee of the centre will comprise of the following–

1. Joint Director and Faculty Head as – Center Director
2. Director, Panchayati Raj Institute for Training (PRIT), Lucknow – Advisor
3. Director, Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies Lucknow – Advisor
4. Director, Directorate Social Audit, Lucknow – Advisor
5. Deputy/ Assistant Director – Member Secretary

Funds and Accounts:

All Funds will be received in the name of the Centre for Development Action, which will be transferred to this centre.

1. Separate saving account will be maintained in the scheduled bank, which will be operated under joint signatures of Centre Director and Member Secretary of the centre.
2. Separate subsidiary cash book shall be maintained by the member secretary of the centre into which all receipts and expenditures will be entered.
3. Separate subsidiary stock register shall be maintained by the centre.
4. The Centre Director will be the authority to sanction and approve advance of up to Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand) for implementation of any programme. Sanction of any amount above Rs. 10,000/- will be under the authority of Chairperson of CDA.
5. After the completion of the programme/ assignments; statement of adjustment and expenditures against any advance received along with original vouchers shall be submitted to the Member Secretary of the CDA.


Audit and other financial verification of the records will be done by CDA.