To function as centre of excellence in the field of Drinking Water and Sanitation, the organization is hereby created under the name of "Centre for Environment and Sanitation" to impart training, take up research and provide consultancy services. Beside the centre will also organize IEC activities and skill development programmes for implementers, stakeholders and facilitators under various programmes pertaining to Environment and Sanitation.

Name of the organization:

The organization will be called "Centre for Environment and Sanitation"

Legal Status:

The Centre will be a subsidiary unit of the "Centre for Development Action" in short CDA, DDU SIRD, U.P


The organization is to be a vibrant Centre of Excellence for dissemination of Knowledge, research, human resource development, capacity building and behavioral change of community on environmental and sanitation related issues.


To work as centre of excellence for providing assistance in policy formulation and to facilitate efforts to reduce the impact of personal unhygiene, environmental pollution, water contamination and water born diseases through multi-sectoral activities of HR and IEC activities.


The Centre will act as focal point for:-

  • Imparting training in the field of Sanitation, personal hygiene, environmental pollution, malnutrition, health, contamination of drinking water, sanitary system, related diseases and their prevention, relief, preparedness, behavioral change of rural community etc
  • Conducting training, research, studies, formulation of IEC strategy, documentation and development of database related to Environment and Sanitation.
  • Organizing State/Regional level conferences, seminars, workshops etc. on Environment and Sanitation related aspects.
  • Actively liaisoning with the State Governments/GOI and its various departments, organizations, institutions, academic and research institutions, NGOs and CSOs engaged in the protection and maintenance of environment and sanitation
  • To undertake activities for human resource development and to promote networking amongst the stakeholders
  • To undertake activities for public education and community awareness
  • Documentation and publication of the best practices and journals periodicals, research papers in the field of environment and sanitation
  • Activities and Functions:

    • Baseline survey (BLS) of sanitary system and preparation of project implementation plan (PIP) for rural vulnerable communities.
    • Inculcating the concept of community led people centred and demand driven approach in the context of mobilization of resources and sustainable community participation on environmental and sanitation activities.
    • To facilitate implementation strategies and to develop cost effective designs
    • HR and IEC activities on inter relationship of health, hygiene, water and sanitation to bring about reduction in the incidence of water and sanitation related diseases; especially in relation to children.
    • To develop training modules, techniques and tools regarding Health, Hygiene, Environment, Drinking Water and Sanitation.
    • To conduct impact evaluation study of various programmes, schemes, projects related to environment and sanitation.
    • Training for technical skill development in the field of making familiar with deferent technological and design options available and construction norms of Household toilets, Community Sanitary Complexes, School and Anganwadi toilets

    Potential Client Group::

    Various departments, organizations, institutions and authorities of Govt. of India and State Governments engaged in the protection and maintenance of environment and sanitation, Academic h Institutions, NGOs, CSOs and other National and International donor organization. Institutions, Research Institutions, NGOs, CSOs and other National and International donor organization


The Centre being a subsidiary unit of Centre for Development Action (CDA), DDU SIRD, U.P. will function under the administrative supervision and control of CDA. The Management Committee of the Centre will comprise of the following –

1.Joint Director/Deputy Director/Incharge Faculty – – Center Director
2. M.D., Jal Nigam, U.P. – Advisor
3. Director, Panchayati Raj – Advisor
4. Director, WSSO/SWSM – Advisor
5. Deputy Director/Assistant Director/R.O – Member Secretary

Funds and Accounts:

All funds will be received in the name of the Centre for Development Action, which may be transferred to this Centre.

1. Separate Saving Account will be maintained in scheduled bank, which will be operated under joint signatures of Centre Director and Member Secretary of the Centre.
2. A separate subsidiary cash book shall be maintained by the Member Secretary of the Centre into which all receipt and expenditures will be entered.
3. Aseparate subsidiary stock register shall be maintained by the Centre.
4. The Centre Director will be the authority to sanction and approve advance of up to Rs. 10,000.00 for implementation of any programme. Sanction of an amount of more than Rs. 10,000.00 will be under the authority of chairperson, CDA.
5. After completion of the programme/assignments, statement of adjustment, statements of expenditure against any advance received, shall be submitted to the Member Secretary of the CDA, along with original bills/vouchers.


CDA will be responsible for getting audited the budget received in the name of CDA by an accredited Charted Accountant. The budget provided by the State Government or Central Government through SIRD to the Centre will be audited as per rules of the Government